new pin

9 11 2009

sorry i missed a thing, the new pin. It’s located at the ski hill.



I dont know why

9 11 2009

somehow i dont really know why i dont post new ones. but here iam for another new post. Reason why i dont really love cp at all: i already play colin mcrae dirt. and its way cooler. ( i still like cp, but not that much.)

comebackin newspaper theres a special section, a ninja section my sister is a ninja maybe i can use her account to show u the ninja court there and the items for sale. norman swarm is on the stage in friday the 13th ( bad luck as you know ) until december 10. with a new hidden room too! haloween igloo contest announced, so check em out. dont worry i have 57000 coins so im pretty rich. dont believe me, i’ll post my avatar later. the section in focus is about the ski village and mountain. and the aunt artic section too. there’s the secret revealed, which is take your puffle places. like if u have pink puffle, that puffle will join you in aqua grabber. or if you have red puffle ( almost everybody has one ) it will follow you on the surf game. yellow puffle for example can join u in dj3k (didnt know that). and last purple puffle will join you in dance contest. there’s jokes, riddle and poetry with art and comics and the new dot-to-dot section. its a penguin with a fish costume in it. and last is events. here’s the picture for proof that I have 57k.

proofwell thats about it for club penguin. im not a big cp guy. i will be posting another new one next week or i dont know. i will be posting new pages.

Hello finally back

3 05 2009

Hey guys sorry for the long post. The medieval party is on May 8 so please do not miss it. I remember the last year medieval party. The free item in the medieval 2008 was only a squire tunic. If you don’t know what a squire is, squire is a person who helps a knight, polishes his weapons.

Don’t forget please, VISIT my site!

St. Patrick’s day party

13 03 2009

Hello everyone!

Today is the St. Patrick’s party. Here are the items you want, free items!

stpatricks-partyThe forest is full of houses. Again, the Leprechauns Welcome sign is only for stupid members.

snowI think there aren’t any free items. I can’t find them anywhere. Oh, I found them at the Coffee shop. It’s the Shamrock hat. Not the annoying really big shamrock hat last year.


Hello back

10 03 2009

Hello everyone!

Thought you would miss me guys, because I haven’t posted for a long time.

White puffles are available in the Pet Store, but only again for members. ( Members are lucky :D) Another new member event is coming. Also they are talking about the sneak-peek of the St.Patrick’s party!

This is weird

31 12 2008

Hi It’s Me Sera675. There Are Fireworks In The Ski Village & the Iceberg. But, wait, there’s more. Here’s a weird picture.

weirdI’m telling you, no camera tricks, OK? Why is the picture like that? My computer is lagging in speed.

This is a long time no post- again!

22 12 2008

hello its me sera675 again. Well Christmas Party is here!! The Santa thingy ( which came back fr. the Christmas Party 2006)  is available at the Ski Village. This is pictured at a Portugues server because the english server, well, is crowded with tons & tons of penguins! The Santa hat also came back at the same location as the old Christmas 2007 Party. Its at the Snow Forts. I also got a chance to play the Club Penguin™  Elite Penguin Force. Here are some missions that I saw.      ( Unfortunately, I have no pictures. I’ll try to add as soon as possible. )

– The first mission I completed is Santa broke his sleigh and landed at the Town. Here  is how you find the penguins.

The first one is at the Dock.

The 2nd one is at the Lighthouse.

The 3rd one is at the Snow Forts.

I don’t remember the last 1.

– The 2nd mission I completed was at the Pet Shop, whereis the penguin playing hide n’ seek lost 7 of his puffles.

The 1st one is at the Stage.

The 2nd one is at the Dance Lounge.

The 3rd one is at the Mine where the Cart Surfing is.

I don’t remember the 4th to 7th.


santa-hats merry christmas penguins!!